From LSCAD - High Performance Computing Systems Laboratory


This project aims to design and develop a large scale architecture to support and process high volumes of personal documents images. The processing encompasses from the document classification, face detection and matching, up to the OCR from the images.


  • Ricardo Ribeiro dos Santos - Coordinator
  • Liana Duenha - FACOM
  • Bruno Cafeo - FACOM
  • Eduardo Metelo - BEFORE
  • Alessandro Ferreira - BEFORE
  • Undergraduate students

Finnancial Support from: Before Technology. Status: Running

E-feeder: Bovine Automatic Feeder

This project aims to design, develop, and build a Bovine Automatic Feeder machine able to deliver livestock food at time windows set by a user. The E-feeder is also an IoT device since has sensors to check if there is available food, failures on the deliver and even environment sensors.


  • Ricardo Ribeiro dos Santos - Coordinator
  • Davi Bungenstab - EMBRAPA-GC
  • Alexandre Menezes - FAMEZ
  • Graduate and Undergraduate students

Finnancial Support from: Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply (MAPA). Status: Running

Solar II: Design and Development of Technologies for Automated Dust Identification and Cleaning on Photovoltaic Systems

The goal of this project is to propose new automated identification and prediction of dust impact on solar plants performance. Additionally, we also are working on an integrated system that schedule cleaning procedures on the photovoltaic panels according to the predictions.


  • Ricardo Ribeiro dos Santos - Coordinator
  • Edson Batista - FAENG/UFMS
  • Marco H. Naka - IFMS
  • Felipe Araujo - Nexsolar
  • Eduardo Allatta - IFBA

Finnancial Support from: P&D Aneel from Candeias Utilities, Potiguar Utilities, Manauara Utilities. Status: Finished

Datasets of environment and photovoltaic energy data are available at PV Power Plant at UFMS campus in Campo Grande-MS-BRAZIL and PV Power Plant at IFBA campus in Irece-BA-BRAZIL

Electronic Platform for Acquiring Environmental and Physiological Signals from Cattle

The goal of this project is to propose new non-invasive techniques for online monitoring physiological and environmental data from cattle. Specifically, we are interested in techniques based on photopletismography for acquiring physiological signals and low-cost sensors for acquiring environmental data integrated into a scalable electronic platform. The sensors and the electronic platform are weareable and non-invasible so that the cattle can use it without any impact on their daily routine.


  • Ricardo Ribeiro dos Santos - Coordinator
  • Fabiana Vila Alves - EMBRAPA
  • Leonardo Cessel
  • Denner Vidal

Previous Members:

  • Milton Ernesto Romero Romero
  • Evandro Mazina Martins
  • Fábio Iaione
  • Felipe Oliveira de Araújo
  • Emílio Magdalena
  • Patrik Olã Bressan
  • Cleison Marin
  • João Paulo Andrade

Finnancial Support from: Fundação de Apoio e Desenvolvimento do Ensino, Ciência e Tecnologia do MS (Fundect-MS), Embrapa - Gado de Corte, Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso do Sul (UFMS), Indext Soluções Tecnológicas. Status: Finished

MultiExplorer/Hardware and Software Parallelism Exploitation

Este projeto de cooperação acadêmica tem por objetivo a pesquisa avançada sobre técnicas computacionais para exploração de paralelismo e melhoria de desempenho de aplicações com diferentes granularidades. Especificamente, no âmbito do sub-projeto MultiExplorer, pesquisamos técnicas avançadas para simulação, obtenção de estimativas físicas e exploração de espaço de projeto automatizado de plataformas computacionais heterogêneas como Multicores, Manycores e MPSoCs. Nosso esforço de pesquisa tem sido na direção do desenvolvimento de um framework computacional denominado MultiExplorer, para auxiliar o projeto de plataformas heterogêneas cientes de dark silicon.


  • Rodolfo Jardim de Azevedo - Coordenador
  • Alexandro Baldassin
  • Ricardo Ribeiro dos Santos
  • Liana Dessandre Duenha
  • Nahri Balesdent Moreano
  • Edson Norberto Cáceres
  • Renato Porfírio Ishi

Financiador(es): CAPES - Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior Status: Finished

MultiExplorer/Alternatives for the Dark Silicon Problem

This research project aims to provide architectural techniques for minimizing the impacts of the Dark Silicon Problem (DS-Problem) on current processor designs. Before providing techniques for dealing with the DS-Problem, we intend to provide a feasible methodology to find the DS level on processor chips according to the memory design and processor fabrication specifications.


  • Ricardo Santos - coordinator
  • Liana Duenha - Researcher
  • Ana Caroline Santos Silva - Master student
  • Tony Bignardi - Master student

Sponsors: UFMS and CNPq Status: Finished

Ethanon Engine: Software para desenvolvimento robusto e escalável de jogos eletrônicos

Este projeto tem por objetivo o desenvolvimento de novas funcionalidades para utilização eficiente dos recursos de hardware de novas plataformas e sistemas operacionais para o engine 2D Ethanon.


  • Ricardo Ribeiro dos Santos - Coordenador
  • Renan Marks
  • Luiz Augusto Matos Tedesco
  • André Santee
  • Bruno Fernandes

Financiador(es): UFMS, Asantee Games. Status: Finished

Practical Engineering Applications Based on Physical Computing and Android

This development project focuses on the motivation of high school students to computer engineering programs. Specifically, the project offers several short-courses, talks, and workshops for high school students to improve their knowledge about a computer engineering program. In addition, the high school students work with undergraduate students to develop a technological project based on physical computing platforms and Android.


  • Luciano Gonda - coordinator
  • Ricardo Santos - coordinator
  • Leandro de Jesus - high school professor
  • Renato Santos - high school professor
  • Cleon Lopes - undergraduate student
  • Riccieli Minakawa - undergraduate student

Sponsors: CNPq and Vale S.A. Status: Finished

Development of a Ubiquous System for Agriculture Monitoring

The goal of this project is the development of a ubiquous system for monitoring of agriculture systems. The advantage by using WSN is the possibility to get real time data. The monitoring of an agriculture environment can reduce production costs by correctly using raw materials and increase the production quality. In the area of WSNs, we look forward for the design and implementation of a hardware/software platform for agriculture data and the implementation of WSNs data agregation algorithms.


  • Luciano Gonda - coordinator
  • Ricardo Santos - researcher
  • Carlos Cugnasca - researcher
  • Alexsandro Carneiro - researcher
  • Edson Matsubara - researcher
  • Fabio Iaione - researcher
  • Edson Caceres - researcher
  • Wellington Santos - researcher
  • Hana Rubinsztejn - researcher
  • Leandro de Jesus - master student
  • André Diniz - master student
  • Lucas Tsutsui - undergraduate student

Sponsor: Fundect Status: Finished

High Performance Processors: Hardware Synthesis

Abstract:This project aims at code generation algorithms and prototyping of encoding/decoding hardware resources for high performance computer architecture. Software toolchains supporting instruction encoding and code generation for those architectures is also a goal to be met.


  • Ricardo R. Santos - coordinator
  • Rodolfo Azevedo - researcher
  • Milton Romero - researcher
  • Evandro Martins - researcher
  • Renan Marks - master student
  • Renato Fernando dos Santos - master student
  • Felipe Oliveira - undergraduate student
  • Marcel Grassi - undergraduate student
  • Felipe Yonehara - digital ic designer

Sponsor: Fundect Status: Finished

Interscience: UFMS activities for science, computing and mathematics for the basic education

Abstract:This is an institutional project aiming at new activities for teaching and learning by teachers and students of the basic education of the Mato Grosso do Sul region.


  • Ricardo R. Santos - coordinator
  • Edson T. Matsubara - researcher
  • Ivo L. Filho - researcher
  • Fernando Souza - researcher
  • Carla Arruda - researcher

Sponsor: CAPES Status: Finished

Embedded System for Collection of Climatic Parameters with Fault Tolerance

Abstract:The development of fungi as the cause of soybean rust is associated with climatic conditions, therefore, several mathematical models of forecasting has been developed to predict the evolution of these diseases in various crops. The forecasting models are used in so-called disease forecasting systems, where individual weather stations (embedded systems) measure and store the climate parameters sending them via satellite or cellular network to a central computer, which processes the data and provides the indices for the farmer. In Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, these systems are being used but still limited to few initiatives. The occurrence of failures at meteorological stations scattered in the fields is a common problem and generates significant losses (failure to detect an outbreak, cost for replacement of stations located in remote locations and others). Given that scenario, the objective of the proposed research is to study the techniques and methods related to fault tolerance, and develop an embedded system collector climatic parameters (weather station) with the capability of fault tolerance.


  • Fábio Iaione - coordinator
  • Andréa Teresa Riccio Barbosa - researcher
  • Rodrigo Porfírio da Silva Sacchi - researcher
  • Valguima Victoria Viana Aguiar Odakura - researcher

Sponsor: Fundect Status: Finished

Hardware Control Processor with Nios II Embedded in FPGA Ethernet Network to Connect and Starting to MIT


  • Edson Antonio Bastista - coordinator
  • Luciano Gonda - researcher

Sponsor: UFMS Status: Finished

High Performance Processors: Techniques, Algorithms, and Tools

Abstract:This project aims at code generation algorithms and software simulators for high performance computer architecture. Specifically, we focus on new algorithms for instruction scheduling and register allocation coupled with the llvm compiler infrastructure based on the subgraph isomorphism scheduling. Moreover, we carry out software simulators for those high performance architectures.


  • Ricardo R. Santos - coordinator
  • Rubia M. de Oliveira Santos - researcher
  • Lucas Silva - master student
  • Richard Steffano - undergraduate student
  • Thiago Machado - master student
  • Jader Perez - undergraduate student
  • Hilda Alves - undergraduate student

Sponsor: CNPq Status: Finished

Low Cost Remote Monitoring Equipment of Substation by Optics Imaging and Infrared (thermal analysis)

Abstract:Development of a system comprised of equipments for acquisition optical and thermal images, processing program and the information obtained for diagnosis, prognosis, and display to the maintenance of substations.


  • Milton Ernesto Romero Romero - coordinator
  • Evandro Mazina Martins - researcher
  • Ricardo Ribeiro dos Santos - researcher
  • Alexsandro Monteiro Carneiro - researcher
  • André Luiz Pasquali - researcher

Sponsor: Empresa Energética de Mato Grosso do Sul Status: Finished

Operation Research Techniques Applied to the Design and Development of Processor Architectures

Abstract:This project proposes a mathematical modeling and applications of operation research techniques on the Problem of Packaging DAGs (PED) in a processor architecture called 2D-VLIW.


  • Rúbia Mara de Oliveira Santos - coordinator
  • Rodolfo Azevedo - researcher
  • Ricardo Ribeiro dos Santos - researcher

Sponsor: Fundect Status: Finished

Synthesis and Analysis of Digital Circuits on Multi-Level Logic (MVL)

Abstract:Definition of a new formal algebra for use in the design of multilevel logic circuits.


  • Evandro Mazina Martins - coordinator
  • Milton Ernesto Romero Romero - researcher
  • Ricardo Ribeiro dos Santos - researcher

Sponsor: UFMS Status: Finished

Design of Application Specific Processors

Abstract:In this project, we propose designing ASIPs (Application Specific Instruction Set Processors ) directed to specific application areas. The idea is, by partitioning hardware / software application, select the application operations to be implemented as specialized instructions. Then we will design specialized functional units to execute these instructions in hardware. This approach will be used to design ASIPs for applications of two distinct domains, encryption and Bioinformatics.


  • Nahri Balesdent Moreano - coordinator

Sponsor: Fundect Status: Finished

BeCog: Software infrastructure to classify and extract Information from personal documents

Abstract: Documents Recognition Systems (DRS) are a set of software systems to transform physical document information to digital information. This project aims at developing a software system able to classify, validate, and extract out information from personal documents images automatically.


  • Ricardo Santos - Coordinator
  • Liana Duenha - Researcher
  • Bruno Cafeo - Researcher
  • Ryan Carlos - Students
  • Mariana Benitez - Students
  • Matheus Victor - Students
  • Yago Mescolotte - Students

Sponsor: Before Tecnologia da Informacao Status: Running

E-feeder: Automatic Feeder for Grazing Cattle

Abstract: This project focus on the design and development of an energy autonomous, and automatic feeder for grazing cattle.


  • Ricardo Santos - Coordinator
  • Davi Bungenstab - Researcher

Sponsor: MAPA - Ministerio da Agricultura, Pecuária e Abastecimento Status: Running